Bye bye door!

My father joined us this morning in order to remove the door between the kitchen and the home office. He and Mathias actually started removing the door last Sunday and today it was time to put up a wall. This is how nice it looks now:

It's so great to finally be rid of the door and have a complete wall. Now we just need to do the finishing touches because we obviously don't want the kitchen wall to look like that. 🙂

Thank you my dear father for all your help!

Today we've also seen the opening of the Olympic games in Vancouver. I read online that a journalist thought this was the worst opening he'd ever seen. I have to say I don't remember all of them, but can it really have been the worst? Lots of the digital effects etc were quite cool. Stupid Comhem DVR though for not allowing to extend a pre-programmed option–it's stupid for many other reasons too–so the whole ceremony wasn't recorded and obviously missed the lightning of the torch. Annoying to say the least… Gosh I miss my TiVo SOOOO BADLY sometimes. If anyone from TiVo reads this please please come to Sweden soon! You would make it impossible for your competitors to sell their DVR products because they totally suck!

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