Chokladbiskvi test

In the Fall I wrote a post about doing a search for Stockholm's best "chokladbiskvi"–recap: a chokladbiskvi is a type of chocolate macaroon where you have the macaroon as a base and then buttercream with a chocolate cover on top. I was very disappointed in the results in the beginning as some bakeries I tried didn't turn out to be as excellent as I thought they would be. 

I've tried 8 different bakeries and some I picked because I knew about them and others because I just happened to pass them. Obviously there are plenty of other bakeries out there and as I'm a huge fan of chokladbiskvier I might add to this list whenever a new bakery crosses my path. Until then, here is the current list (sorted from 5 stars down to 0) and my comments:

Once our new kitchen is done and I've bought all necessary kitchen appliances I'm planning on trying to bake this on my own. Maybe I can bake Stockholm's best chokladbiskvi!? ;) 

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