Third time’s the charm?

So today I had my appointment with my RA doctor about a new medication. I'm going to go back to the medicine I've had during the first 6 months but on a lower dosage so I'm hoping I won't suffer from nausea. I'm also going to start with a biological medicine which I'll get through IV. Before I start with it they need to make some test for TB and also lung x-rays which I will do on Friday. Once that is done, and the results cleared, I should be good to go. 

I decided to take this new medicine through IV instead of giving myself shots because it seemed easier and more convenient. After the initial IV session I will have another session in 14 days and after that in 6-8 weeks intervals. Downside is that it will take almost an afternoon just for this so I don't know how that will work once I get a job. This method is much easier when it comes to traveling as it won't require any special handling of the medication. When giving yourself a shot you need to have the medicine in a cold place and you also do it once a week, obviously more cumbersome when it comes to traveling. Not that we travel that often but still… once every 6-8 weeks sounds better even if it will take several hours to do it. 

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