New kitchen

On March 8 we will start our kitchen renovation, or rather, the contractor we've hired to do the job. I'm so looking forward to it… maybe not the renovation but that it will be finished. We've ordered everything from IKEA, and I had so much fun designing the kitchen–I'm considering starting to work as a kitchen designer. 🙂 Here is a 3D picture of what the kitchen will look like, and I promise I'll post more pictures during the renovation process and of the finished project of course.


This evening we enjoyed the first "semla" of the year. Yes, we are cheating and didn't wait for Fat Tuesday next week. One of the reasons for that is as I'll probably start a new medication tomorrow and as I have no idea what that adventure it will put me through I decided to eat this yummy pastry when all of my taste buds are working fine. 


I bought them from our favorite bakery "Lindquists" but unfortunately it didn't taste as good as I/we had hoped. It was a little dry and boring with too little of the almond paste (the one that was there was quite good though). 

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