Positional vertigo

I went to my primary care physician yesterday and it turns out I got positional vertigo (kristallsjuka in Swedish) which my cold was nice enough to leave behind. I've had dizziness for over 2 weeks now and at first I thought it was a side effect of my new medicine but as it went on I figured it must be something else. I felt better for two days but then it hit me quite hard again Thursday so I decided it was time to visit the doctor's office. The doctor gave me some balance exercises to do twice a day in order to get rid of it and she also said I could visit a physical therapist if I wanted to in order to get help with more exercises. I haven't decided if I should see the physical therapist or not, I'll probably see if the exercises I got from the doctor seems to work or not. According to the exercise paper I should make my body do the stuff which makes the dizziness worse and try to do it longer each day. As sitting in front of the computer causes big troubles I've decided to force myself to sit here. I'm happy I don't suffer from this issue all the time, but it comes and goes. It's annoying that I don't know when it will worsen, but at the same time I'm able to do stuff so that makes me happy.

While we're on the subject of health and medicine… the new medicine (Arava) I got for my RA did not work out at all. I took it twice and I got so scary side effects that I couldn't continue with it more than two days. One of those side effects was palpitation (hjärtklappning). I talked to my RA doctor and was told to discontinue and call the nurse to get a new time. Only problem with that is that they can't give you a time right away but you're on a "waiting list" for something to open up. I now got an appointment for this Tuesday but I've been without long term medication for three weeks now and I can really feel it. The problems with my knees have appeared again and my left index finger is worse than ever before and I'm having pain all over almost every morning, but other than that, life is great! 😉 I can't wait to see the doctor again…

Today we did something fun though! We went to Skansen–Mathias father joined us too–where they had a Same people celebration this weekend. The Same people have their national day today. It wasn't much to it unfortunately and lots of places were closed (which is weird as it was open Jan 3rd when we were there and that time it was much fewer people there) but it was fun anyway. I think we were there around 2 hours. I bought some reindeer meat and I will try to make a pasta dish out of it later this week. I'll keep you posted.

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