Medicine hunt

I had my 6-month RA check up today at the hospital. Everything went pretty well and it was no problem trying to "convince" the doctor that I needed another medicine as she felt this one wasn't working for me at all. I not only experienced annoying side effects (nausea) but my lab results aren't as good as they should be and she thought that might be because the medicine isn't working. So no more feeling crappy during the weekend for me! Yippee… now I might feel crappy every day instead! 😉 This new medication I will take daily but I hope I won't experience any bad side effects from it. I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed! As with the other medication I need to be monitored closely in the beginning so I'm back to blood work and other checks bi-weekly. This medicine should work within a month so this time around it won't take so long until I know if I should continue with it or not.  

The most interesting part of today was trying to get this medicine from the pharmacy. The first one I went to in the city didn't carry this medicine and she tried to find other places close by but none of those had it either. Due to a new computer system (and not all pharmacies being connected yet) she couldn't check the pharmacy here where we live so I decided to just try it out when I came home. No luck at all with that and if ordering they wouldn't get it until Monday afternoon. Not good as I should start with the medication tomorrow! She tried other places here in the municipality without any luck and I asked here about Danderyd hospital (which is one subway station away from us) but because it was a hospital it was owned by another division and she couldn't connect to their system at all. For some reason she did manage to kinda check the hospital where I have my doctor (which is 25-40 minutes away depending on what bus you take). She said they might have it on the shelf and sent a request to them stating they should call me if they didn't have it. So I went back home, waited for 40 minutes and when no one had called me I took the bus back to the hospital again. Felt strange to go back when I just left the place 1,5-2 hours earlier! Now I got my medicine and I'm ready to try it out tomorrow morning.

I had another doctor's visit today too… I went to my primary care office due to having a bad cough and last night it was so bad my chest started to hurt. Figured I better call them sooner then later… I got a one week prescription for cough medicine so I hope I will sleep better tonight…

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