Taste troubles

When we moved back to Sweden I don't know how many different kinds of grapefruit juice we tried. (Sidetrack: FYI for those of you who don't know already… I can't drink orange juice since I was sick in 2005. All medications I got "destroyed" my stomach and the last time I tried it in 2007 I got so sick I refuse to try it again). None of these juices tasted as what we were used to from the US. After some months with trying different versions more than one time we gave up and haven't had any kind of juice in the refrigerator. For a while last summer we bought grapefruit and squeezed our own juice every morning. That was very yummy but the grapefruits here are quite small so in order to get one glass of juice we needed 2 grapefruits which meant we used 4 grapefruits each morning, and seeing as we really wanted to have juice every morning you can imagine how big of a refrigerator we needed in order to pull that off! Obviously we're too lazy to go to the market square (yes we did not find these yummy grapefruits at the regular store!) every other day. 

During the fall we started to drink one glass of C-vitamin every morning. That is not a very tasty thing! I've gotten so tired of that taste that yesterday when we went grocery shopping I decided to have another try with buying grapefruit juice. I figured that maybe I don't remember anymore how good grapefruit juice should taste… I was right, I actually liked it much better this morning! It still has a little to much of a bitter aftertaste but I'm sure I can get used to that. At least it's better than the C-vitamin thing! 

Now I just need to remember that the next time we visit the US I won't drink any juice there! :P 

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