My (paternal) grandmother would have turned 90 today. I know how much she was looking forward to that celebration and wearing her traditional costume one last time (she planned to give it away). Still, I'm grateful that she's not having to celebrate in a hospital bed. 

When I was 20 (or somewhere around there) I went to a school for a year studying computers and electronics among other things and it was around a 5-minute walk to my paternal grandparents so I went there after school (which finished by noon every day) quite often in order to eat lunch with them. I particularly remember my grandfather's and mine "discussions" whether or not falukorv (a type of sausage) was good or not. (He was a HUGE fan and I guess he ate it on bread almost every day). I like falukorv too but mostly when it's done in the oven, not raw. Although I haven't tried it raw since I moved back to Sweden so you never know, maybe I do like it! I remember all the summers we went strawberry picking and "competed" on who ate more than the others. Our yearly gingerbread baking was something I always looked forward to and I especially remember the time that we didn't have enough dough so my grandfather and I drove around Vallentuna (the municipality we lived in) in order to find more dough. I don't remember how many stores we went to though…  

I miss my maternal grandmother's great big hugs… and her blueberry cake… and her blue eyes looking at you… and just sitting talking with her and my grandfather about "nothing". I remember when my grandmother took care of my brother once a week and they used to go to the nearby train station so my brother could watch the train. I remember her "mormor's gröt" (mormor standing for maternal grandmother and gröt for porridge in Swedish) which really just was an oatmeal porridge but I guess I got it there so often that I changed the name. I still use that name although I'm not that fond of it nowadays. I also remember the time they took me to the part of Stockholm where they grew up and told me stories about their childhood, how they met etc. It would be so great to hear all of that again now when I'm older and probably would appreciate it more than I did way back then. I remember my fascination with all pipes my grandfather had hanging on a wall in their summer house. Quite impressing… And when he taught me how to measure how big something I wanted to draw should be on paper. I still use that technique but I rarely draw where I look at an object and draw what I see. I usually just paint from my imagination.

I miss all of my grandparents so much. I hope they knew how much they meant to me and how dear they are to my heart. I love you so much! 

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