Welcome 2010!

The new year is here and I have some high hopes in regards to it… 2009 can be described as kinda lousy at least in regards to my health! I "ended" the year (on the 28th to be more exact) with needing two new cortisone shots, one in my finger and another in my toe, and since then I've felt much happier as I don't have any pain in the mornings and I can also use my finger now! Yippee! I also like the fact that the doctor I saw agrees with me that the current medication I'm taking is not working properly (not only do I still experience pain but I get quite nauseas from it too) so all I need to do now is "convince" the doctor for my 6-months check-up (which is coming up now in the end of January) that it's time to try something else. So, if I start 2010 with a new medication maybe this year I will get back to normal again?! At least that is my wish…

We ended the year with a movie, and we started the year with a movie. On the 30th we saw Avatar, and boy was that a fabulous movie!! Special effects, music, scenery etc etc all top-notch and completely extraordinary! If this one don't take lots of Academy awards I will be very surprised! Today we saw Sherlock Holmes, and that turned out to be a great movie too. In this one the acting was particularly good.

The aftermath of the movie tonight was also quite… ehh… interesting? When walking from the movie theater (Filmstaden Sergel and we walked along Sergelgatan) I suddenly saw something "sparkly" around 5-8 meters in front of me. At first I thought someone had thrown a cigarette because the sparkly part kinda looked like that, but I changed my mind as soon as I heard a bang, at which point I realized it was some kind of firecracker. We looked around but couldn't really see anyone looking guilty. A little further and same thing happened again at which time Mathias noticed two men in front of us which clearly where the guilty party. Then one time again but this firecracker didn't burn off. At this time they took the stairs up towards Mäster Samuelsgatan and fired another one. All of you knowing Stockholm will probably understand our concern here because, yes, that road has a bridge going right over the pedestrian street where we were located and from what they had done so far with just throwing the firecrackers behind them with no concern about fellow pedestrians we figured they probably would be very amused by the idea of throwing firecrackers from "up there". At the time we were almost by the escalator down to "plattan" we did indeed hear another firecracker. We kept going down anyway because we didn't really see any point in sticking around and when we got down from the escalators we saw a police bus so Mathias walked right up to them and we talked to the driver and the policewoman sitting next to him while the other 3 policemen came out of the bus and walked up towards where these men had been last. They asked if we wanted to make a report of disturbance, but we told them no we just wanted them to get a serious "what are you doing kinda thing". I gave them my phone number though in case they needed more information. What surprised me the most was that these idiots looked to be around 30-years old. I would expect someone younger to do something like this, but a 30-year old?

To leave you with something more fun though here is a picture I took at my parents place (where we spent the New Year's) yesterday morning:


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