Good Times!

We've had some fabulous past days. Here's a quick recap…

Christmas Eve

We celebrated here at our place with our parents and my brother.

Yummy food:


TV watching:



 "Left overs":


Christmas Day

Happy birthday my dear brother!


2nd day of Christmas

We were supposed to visit my god mother (with my parents) but the host was sick so instead we went to my parents and spent the afternoon/evening with them. Here are some pictures of the floating ice:



3rd day of Christmas

We went to my mother-in-law in order to celebrate Christmas with the rest of my family-in-law. Had lots of yummy non-Christmas food. Of course I forgot to take pictures though, but I did remember the camera, which spent the whole day in my purse. Back home in the evening we got a little hungry and prepared a little miniature Christmas dinner… boiled potato (which I actually forgot to make on Christmas eve so we had mashed potato instead), sausage and ham. 


More/additional pictures of our Christmas weekend can be found here.

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