Christmas preparations

When arriving back in Sweden after our Wroclaw-trip we arrived to winter wonderland. It's been cold and snowing almost daily. This is the perfect weather for the holiday season! 

We've done lots of Christmas preparations over the past days. We've done meatballs, Christmas candy and I've also tried a new pickled herring recipe I found in a magazine some weeks ago. I'm looking forward to try it out on Christmas eve! I hope it's as yummy as it sounds like. 

Something not as fun is all the trouble our Christmas tree is giving us, or rather the lights in the tree. We brought with us our artificial tree from the US because we liked it so much particularly all the 900-1000 small lights "stuck" to the branches. It really makes the whole tree "sparkle". When we got all our stuff from the US earlier this year we tried to make sure all the lights came on before we stored it away as we figured if it don't work no need to save it. This weekend when we put it up it turns out that the transformer we got only worked to have the lights on for 5-10 minutes and then the fuse breaks. We had an extra fuse so we tried it again, but nope… same thing happened. After researching and calling our dads (Mathias did all this) we decided to buy another stronger transformer so Saturday we went in to town to fight with all other Christmas shoppers. Back home we connected everything and happily noticed that the lights shone for more than 10 minutes…. 20…. 1 hour…. "yeah" we thought this actually works! We went into the kitchen and an hour or so later when we got back to the living room the tree was completely black. A bit later (probably a hour or so) the tree actually started to shine again (we had not turned off the switch) at which time we decided to decorate it. Then, 1,5 hour later the transformer stopped working again. (This is a more fancy transformer than the first one and instead of a fuse it has some kind of thermal fuse which just shots off when it gets too warm and then restarts after cooling down). Some more researching and phone calls to figure out what to do now… 

Yesterday evening we went back to the store again (now with even more crazy Christmas shoppers 🙂 ) to see if they could shed some light on the issue, but nope they couldn't help us at all. Again calls were made to our dads and today I had a "long list" of stuff to get at the store. I hope "third's times a charm" works in this case! But I'm not counting on it! All I want is the Christmas tree with all of those wonderfully looking lights to be on, but that seems to be a lot to ask at this point.

I've also figured out that all "crazy Christmas shoppers" is out in the evening so if you have some last minute shopping to do be sure to be in the stores when the open. Much calmer… :) 

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