We arrived in Wroclaw early this afternoon after a 35-minute stop in Dusseldorf. Luckily we arrived at the same terminal as our connecting flight so we were in no hurry. Once arriving in Wroclaw I realized it got to be the smallest airport I’ve ever been to so far! I only noticed 3 gates and it was just one baggage claim so no worries to find the luggage! It was also the first time arriving with an international flight where there were no passport control. Just through the customs we went and arrived in the terminal.

I had prebooked a transfer shuttle and the driver was waiting for us with a sign with my name on it, and shortly thereafter we were checked in at the hotel.

Right after checking in we went to the market square (see picture) which is a 2-minute walk from the hotel in order to find a place to eat. They had served sandwiches on both flights but all of them contained a bell pepper sauce so obviously I couldn’t eat it so I was starving after 7 hours without food.

At the market square it was a huge Christmas market and I found something like gingerbread cookies which were beautifully decorated. I wanted one saying Merry Christmas but it was so many needing help there I decided to check with Maciej tomorrow and then go back to purchase one.

Tomorrow morning Rosana and Maciej will pick us up and we’ll go to Auschwitz. I’m not sure “looking forward to go there” is the right phrase to use, but I am. Being this close to the place (around 2,5 hours by car) you just got to visit it. It’s an important part if history which can’t be forgotten.


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