A year goes fast

Yesterday it was exactly a year since we arrived in Sweden. I can't believe how fast it has gone by! I hereby warn you that this can easily turn into a post about how much I miss Colorado…  

I think the month of November was the worst in regards to homesickness (yeah, both Sweden and Colorado is my home so it can get a bit confusing I guess). I blame it on the lousy weather and the days getting darker and darker and constantly feeling tired. I'm not used to that! I had forgotten how boring the month of November is even though Mathias always claimed it's the worst month of the year. You get so spoiled in Denver/Colorado with the fabulous weather.

The second worst in regards to homesickness was this summer when I was sick. I was ready to jump on a plane and just leave in hope that I would start feeling okay in Colorado's dry and warm climate. Mathias actually tried to convince me to go but with the biweekly checkups I had it was just impossible to do so. If I had not had those regular checkups I'd be gone for sure. (He's been trying to convince me to go early next year for 1-2 months or so if the doctors allow it as I'm now just on one month checkups. I'm still not feeling 100% from the medication, and in fact, I'm thinking of requesting trying a new medicine but lets skip all that for now). Another thing keeping me from going is being away from Mathias. I don't like that… he's my "rock". 

What else do I miss… oh yeah, THE MOUNTAINS… I keep dreaming of mountains, I want to paint mountains, and I can't stop looking at pictures of mountains… I think you get the point here. :) 

In my 6-month post I wrote about that I didn't like all the stressed out people. I think I dislike it now more than ever… maybe I'm not a city girl after all. I get annoyed by people in a "extreme hurry" that just have to cut in front of me so I almost trip on their feet. Denver is a "small city" after all even though it has the same amount of people as the greater Stockholm area. It's a whole other way of living and not as stressful as a big city is. Don't get me wrong here, I'm definitely NOT a country girl… let's call me a suburban girl where I get the choice of city life or countryside.

The good thing with celebrating our one-year-in-Sweden-mark in December is all the wonderful holiday stuff going around everywhere because it takes away some of that homesickness. Visiting Christmas markets, seeing all the advents lights, Christmas lights/trees and listening to Christmas carols just makes me very jolly and excited. Around this time was always when I had the worst case of homesickness when living in Colorado because I couldn't go to all these Swedish Christmas markets.

Another good thing with being in Sweden is our family. I missed them so much when living in Colorado. And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to see my grand mother several times this year which I wouldn't have had the chance if we had stayed overseas.

When we came here a year ago I think we thought that around this time we would know if living in Sweden was the right thing or not. Right now I have to say I got no clue…  I have no idea what the future will bring. In January of 1999 I could never guess that 8 months later I would move to Colorado, and today I can't say where we'll be in a a year or two, or more. For now, I'm just happy with everything I've been blessed with in my life and for everything I've had the opportunity to experience. Despite all my joint issues, life is pretty darn good. 

Maybe a bit of this homesickness will disappear over the coming days as we'll be traveling to Wroclaw, Poland, in order to see our dear CO friends Maciej and Rosana. They are visiting his family so we decided to go down there as we haven't seen them for a year now.

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