Gingerbread cookies

Yesterday we went to my parents in order to bake this year's gingerbread cookies. We had a fun time baking and came home with lots of yummy cookies!


Today is my name day and my parents surprised me by showing up with a princess cake. Very sweet of them! I also got a straw angel ornament which I'm looking forward to put up in our Christmas tree. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the cake before we started to eat so this is what it looked like this evening when Mathias and I ate the rest of it.


After my parents left we went in to town to look at lights to put up in the window for the holiday season, and when we got back home and was right outside the subway station we heard someone "yelling" excuse me, so we turned around and noticed the doctor that diagnosed me and started my treatment this summer. He–turns out he lives in our neighborhood–wondered how I was doing, and he obviously could see I was feeling better as I'm not in a wheelchair anymore. Amazing how sweet people can be! I've not heard many doctors who've done that! I really hope I can convince the hospital that he's the long-term doctor I want. When I talked to them about it during my check-up appointment in late October they weren't sure if that would be possible or not but they said they would "try" to listen to my request.

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