Three days ago Mathias and I went to Lux Stockholm for dinner. He was given an "award" earlier this summer from his company called a "PUFF" and stands for "Personlig Uppskattning Från Företaget" which they give out to employees who've done "extra good work". The award was 1000 SEK (~146 dollar) towards dinner at a restaurant, and finally this week we managed to use it. It was the first time we went to Lux Stockholm and it was a pretty great experience although I have to say it couldn't quite compete with our absolute favorite Luca d'Italia in Denver, still, we had a great evening! Here are some pictures of their wonderful dinner creations.

My dinner, "Wild duck breast from Västmanland, with Långvinden lingonberries, Jamaican pepper sausage, brown herb butter and fried cep":


Mathias dinner, "Perch from Skurusund, seared, with mitten crab, Ängsö caviar and anise flavoured Östhammar fennel":


After that they came in with a trolley with different cheeses we could choose from if we wanted too. Cheese lovers as we are we couldn't resist…  I particularly loved the tiny loaf bread on the right:


And last, dessert, "Sao Tomé chocolate, baked cream and ice cream, with Spanish mandarins and chocolate meringues":


Earlier this week I read a blog post on the subject of November and darkness which I thought I would share, Light Therapy in Stockholm His blog is pretty amazing and funny most of the time maybe even more so to someone who've lived away from Sweden and can see things from the writers perspective.

And, lastly, to everyone who wonders what happened to my "best chokladbiskvi test" I announced in September I'm still working on it… I was so disappointed by my findings I decided I needed to try more places. I promise you I haven't forgotten about it! 

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