Halloween, leaves and a stubborn computer

You would think it's been boring lately as I haven't posted for quite a while, but that is just not true. The main reason why I haven't posted is that my computer has given me a very hard time, actually so much that I've decided to abandon it and now Mathias and I are sharing his computer. Luckily he brings his work computer home almost every night so we don't have to fight about who should be using the computer. 🙂  I tried to be nice to my dear little MacBook, I even reinstalled the whole OS on it in May, but no, it refused to cooperate with me so now it's bye bye! Now I just need to get a job so I can buy a new computer! 🙂 (Actually I got an interview next week… keep your fingers crossed for me!)

We decided to invite our family over in order to celebrate Halloween. Mathias isn't much for dressing up, and I'm such a nice wifey I don't force him! So we just had a dinner with a Halloween theme. Here are some pictures:



I also did a little halloween project, chocolate dipped marshmallow ghosts:


Before we had our Halloween party we obviously had to go grocery shopping and I've found a great big ICA store it only takes 15 minutes by bus to get to. Between the store and the bus stop there is a little park and here I found a great big carpet of leaves that I just had to "play around in". I love the sound the leaves make when you walk in them and kick them around. 


One thought on “Halloween, leaves and a stubborn computer

  1. send flowers philippines November 13, 2009 / 03:00

    Your cakes is simple but its perfect for halloween.
    We do some cakes too.And prepared some candies for the kids that knocking in our door.

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