Shrimp Sandwich

I read in an article today that Arlanda–Stockholm's international airport–declared October 14 to be "shrimp sandwich day". I think they choose the perfect date for that because I LOVE shrimp sandwich! Here is the original article: (in Swedish only!) Apparently the airport sells 5000 of these sandwiches a week, which makes 260 000 a year, and for all those sandwiches they use 42 (metric) ton of shrimps. So next year on my birthday guess what I'll be eating (at least for lunch)! 😉

While we're on the subject of articles, Mathias sent me a good one (this one is in English): The article is about interviewing and responses to the question "how are you today?", and how boring of an answer "fine", "good" and such are and what kind of answer you can give in order to be more memorable while job hunting. The writer gives a "top seven answer list" with number 7 being "create your own". So, I tried to think about something that would sound good and be memorable (not particularly while job hunting but in general) and I came up with one that I so good that I think from now on it will be my new motto… 🙂 "Today is the best day of my life". What do you think about that one!? 

I'm going to try to live according to that motto and wake up each morning thinking those words. I'm sure some days will be more successful then others but hey, it's worth a try especially on the days when I wake up in pain and feeling total crap. As long as I/we try my/our best to make today better than yesterday it can indeed be the best day of my/your life.

So, TODAY is the BEST day of MY LIFE! 

Ps. If you can come up with other ideas please post a comment. I would love to hear what you think!

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