Older and wiser

Yesterday I celebrated my 34th birthday, so now I'm one year older and wiser… can't say I feel much of either! 😉

A restaurant called Patricia was kind enough to send me an invitation for a free 2-course dinner and 1/2 off for guests (as long as it was more than 5 guests) some weeks ago so I decided it could be fun to try it out. I've been at Patricia many years ago but then I went to the night club so this was the first time at the restaurant. It's a pretty cool place as it's located in a boat. I went there with the hubby (of course!!), my parents, my mother-in-law and hubby's niece. We had a wonderful evening with lots of yummy food, although, I think everyone else choose a much better dish than I did… seems to be hard to find really good fajitas in Stockholm. I see a trip to Colorado in the future to satisfy my desire or maybe learn to cook it myself!? Everyone else ate fillet of beef, except my dad who took lobster.


With the medication I'm taking I'm not particularly fond of sweets right now so hubby and I shared a creme brulee (he ate most of it). For me, the best dessert of the evening was my dad's choice, a apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce. It looked very nice too:


Back home "we"–aka the hubby–hooked up my new Wii game which was a gift from him and my parents and brother. This is me having fun bowling. (yeah this picture is taken with my iPhone so sorry for the bad quality)


From Mathias family I got a board game, and I'm looking forward to try that one out too. It's a group game though so I need to set up a game night so we can try it out.

And these are the beautiful flowers I got from my wonderful hubby.


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