Remodeling and cinnamon rolls

This weekend we've concentrated on getting our hallway ready for wallpaper and paint (and eventually the more fun stuff like furniture, lamps etc). 

First step was to use the belt sander in order to get the walls smoother (this is the wall that was behind those ugly wardrobes), but as we didn't want dust in the whole apartment we put up some protective plastic over all doorways.



After that it was time to use the sander. Good thing we did put up that protective plastic because even though the belt sander had a bag for collecting dust I'm not sure how much dust actually got in there because it was A LOT of dust in the whole hallway. The floor was completely white, and so was Mathias btw. I forgot to take pictures of this…

Sunday morning we started cleaning up the hallway (we had swept the floor a little bit Saturday evening already) as now was time to spackle so out came the putty knife and the paste. Of course you need to read the label on the bucket first to make sure it contains putty paste.


And this is how happy you are when you're doing remodeling work.


While Mathias was doing this I decided a good way to celebrate "Kanelbullens dag" (Cinnamon roll day) was indeed to bake cinnamon rolls. Actually, Mathias helped out a bit as we still don't have a mixer and it's difficult for me to mix the dough by hand by myself. We got almost 50 yummy cinnamon rolls.


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