Yesterday I started my Spanish class for beginners. Very exciting and fun! So far I've learned how to introduce myself, ask another for their name, the names of the countries where Spanish is the official language, and count to 15. Now I just need to practice, especially on the counting part… right now I can't remember anything above 5! :) 

It's exciting to learn a new language, but I know it will be much harder now when I'm an adult then when I started to learn English at the age of 10. It's much easier for a kid to pick up a language, but I will be a good student and work hard. Hopefully I enjoy these 12 weeks so much that I want to continue on with more classes.

One thought on “Español

  1. Anonymous September 24, 2009 / 04:36

    Como estas? Now you can count in Spanish like Bono. “uno, dos, tres, catorce”
    saludos desde sydney!

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