Tech issues and other things

For two days now my domain name hasn't been working. I had to make some changes to my domain name configuration in order to get my email part (the MX record for those of you who are technical and know something about DNS stuff) of the domain name working. It was quite frustrating, and I even got help from an old classmate through chatting on Facebook–that is just the best site ever–but finally we realized we had to take in "the experts" from the company I get my domain name from. The first part they fixed fine and my email was up and working within 20 minutes (after I got their response which was 11-12 hr after I submitted the ticket). After that initial problem it just went south, and I had my question/issues ignored two times before I got so annoyed that I requested someone who actually understood networking issues to take a look. Once that was done (earlier today) everything was working fine within 2 hours and it's actually possible to use my domain name again. It just find it amazing that support areas "always" tend to disregard the customer because they think they, the customer that is, are just stupid and don't know anything what they are talking about. Then someone like me (or my husband) shows up needing help and we have to explain to them how things actually work. They continue to think the customer is stupid though and just keep ignoring the real question and answer a little bit as they want to nothing that is close to be the original question. Annoying to say the least, but now it's working again…

This afternoon we went to Katarina kyrka/church in order to attend the christening of Elsa, the daughter of the son of my god mother. Elsa was a very quiet little girl and didn't say a word throughout the whole ceremony. 

Now I got one more church checked off my church list too. This time I brought my camera so here are pictures of the church (inside and out).




This is the church which got destroyed in a fire in 1990 due to the church tower collapsing through the church roof. The new church was opened in 1995. The original church was constructed in 1656 to 1695, but a fire in 1723 destroyed it the first time and it got rebuilt and opened again in 1724. On the hill where this church is located the bodies from the "Stockholms bloodbath" was burned and it's said that there is a curse on this place and that the church tower would collapse twice, which now with the two fires have happened. Spooky… 😉  

After the ceremony I lighted a candle for a dear old friend who past away two years (and two days) ago after loosing a battle with cancer. I still can't believe she's gone… 

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