Sunny disposition

I've always considered myself a very happy and cheerful person. Lately, with everything going on with my health, I've mostly felt like I'm in a roller coaster. One minute happy, and the next not so much (actually most of the time not so much), but today I've found myself in a exceptionally cheerful mood. Don't ask me why… it has been a wonderful fall day, I have the best hubby in the world and a wonderful family… well, life is just very very good what more can I say! I hope I'll continue having more of these days, they are so much better than the "other ones". 😉 Maybe this is an effect of my medication finally starting to kick in properly and I will be back to my normal self again? I think my husband will be happy about that. He always claims that unless I have a smile on my face he doesn't recognize me and wonders where his wife went. Very cute…  

In my last post, Fall is here, I forgot to mention all the wonderful looking mountain ashes (rönn in Swedish) everywhere. They are just sooo beautiful! We got one right outside our living room window that has lots of red berries. I think the mountain ash is my new favorite fall tree. Although I might change my mind over the coming weeks when more and more trees get into "fall mode".

There is an old saying that if the mountain ash has lots of berries it will be plenty of snow the coming winter season, but I've also read the opposite, that if there are lots of red berries it will be a mild winter without much snow. Hmm…   

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