Fall is here!

For around two weeks now I've seen the trees outside of our kitchen window change color. It's just a very small amount of leaves yellow but it's noticeable that fall is indeed here. 

Last year when we were still talking about whether or not to try living in Sweden I realized I couldn't remember what the fall looked like over here. Mathias googled for some pictures so I could check out the fall colors. I'm happy to say fall is finally here and I will be experiencing a Swedish fall in real life once again. Something I've realized already is that it's a much longer season than in Colorado. With that I mean that the changing of the colors takes longer time thus it's possible to enjoy it for a longer time. In Colorado it was over before you even realized it had started. If you wanted to take fall pictures you couldn't say "let's do it next weekend" because by next weekend all leaves could be gone already. 🙂

Usually around this time I would start fall decorating our home. I'm not sure why I haven't felt the urge to do it yet, maybe because part of our home is "up-side-down" due to remodeling, but I'll try to find the urge to do it. I'm sure I'll be happy once the scarecrows, leaves and other fall decorations are out! 

Last night I went to Hard Rock Café with some old classmates from upper secondary school. The majority of them I haven't seen since graduation (1993) so it was fun to see them again. Everything started with getting in contact through Facebook and then two girls and I thought we would try to get "everyone" together. On Facebook we're 11-12 connected but just 8 showed up (including myself). We decided to meet up in the spring or early summer again and try to have more people show up. Here is a picture from last night (photographed by Sabina):


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