Week 6 and 7 of treatment

I never managed to write anything last week so this week will cover two weeks instead.

Week 6 was a really bad week. I had pain every morning and felt totally crappy in general. In fact, some mornings I was really wondering if I had become depressed. I had to force myself to do stuff and just not stay in bed all day long. It's so easy to just want to stay in bed not moving my joints whatsoever as at that point I feel quite alright. Knowing that as soon as I walk up I will realize how lousy I really feel is no fun at all, but as I said I forced myself to one thing each day just so I did something. One of the days I had a meeting with the physical therapist (more about that further down), but mostly I just went into town on some smaller excursions. 

At the physical therapist I was give some exercises to do daily, or at least several times a week, in the morning to check that my joints are alright and that I can move them as I should. As long as I can move my joints, and "just" have pain and no swellings I am fine. It's kinda hard to stay positive about being "just in pain" though. 🙂 I don't need to see her for physical therapy regularly but should do exercises on my own, such as walking/swimming etc. She told me that as long as I feel fine and a particular exercise seems to work for my body I should go for it. 

Week 7 I've kept up with my daily excursions in order to get out, but I haven't felt as crappy this week so it's been easier. Monday this week I also had my "6-week-into-treatment-phone-call" with my doctor. When he heard about me being in more pain again and that I have a swollen finger he told me to take more cortisone in the mornings, so now I'm back to taking two pills a day. He want me to continue on with that until my 3-month appointment (which will be in 1,5 month approximately) at which time the methotrexate medication should work fully. I think the higher cortisone dose (it's just 0,5 pill higher than before) has helped a little bit. My finger isn't as swollen in the mornings and I can bend it more easily. I'm also not in as much pain in regards to the knee and toes, which of course means that I don't feel as crappy in the mornings anymore. Now, if the cortisone could just take away this "extreme" tiredness I will be a very happy person!

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