A mission

Actually maybe it's two missions! :) 

I went into town today in order to buy some make up (that is NOT one of the missions!!) from a store I've recently noticed again which is called Face Stockholm. I went to the store in Sturegallerian two weeks ago and got a great eye shadow so today I went back to get one in another color. I also got a new powder foundation because I barely have anything left in the one I have. I love my current powder foundation so I wanted to get one with the similar texture. I'm just hoping I will like it as much because I don't want to have to order from the US, 1) because it will be a pain in the long run, and 2) it's hard enough to find it in stores there as very few carry this brand and most of the time I had to order online.  

Okay, wow, I got completely off-track here… back to the missions…

I have decided to visit "all" churches part of the Diocese of Stockholm–just the ones in can easily get to by subway/bus as some are fairly remote and I need a car to get to them. It's 200 churches btw. I love churches because every time I enter one it's like stepping into a calming zone. Just sitting in a church, listening to nothing (and the occasional talk of fellow church goers) and looking around at the architecture and paintings/sculptures. 

My plan was to go through the churches in the alphabetical order but due to some subway train issues and not wanting to stand on the platform forever (I'd been there for almost 10 minutes already) I took the escalator up again to Östermalmstorg as I remembered there is a church there. That church is called Hedwig Eleonora. As I hadn't planned on visiting a church today I didn't bring my camera so I have no pictures to post… 

Mission two is to find the best "chokladbiskvi" (my favorite pastry) in Stockholm. From what I can gather online they would be called chocolate buttercream macaroons in English. The pastry consits of a almond cake, filled with butter cream and topped with a thin layer of chocolate. The best chokladbiskvi I've eaten so far is in Älmhult (which is 5-6hr drive south of Stockholm so not particularly convenient), so now I've decided to find the best one in Stockholm. Obviously, I won't visit all bakery shops and that would take forever as well as ruin my loosing weight plan completely, but I will try at least 10-15 different places spread over the inner city area. I will post my findings later on so stay tuned for the best chokladbiskvi in Stockholm! And if you know of a bakery I just got to try please leave a comment!

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