I've "seen" two faces of humankind this week. One through an article in the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet and one through a blog post my husband sent to me. 

The article in Aftonbladet was about a woman who needed a kidney transplant and her cab driver–he had driven her to the hospital on several occasions during a three-four month period–offered to give her his kidney and luckily their blod types matched and they are now waiting on getting the kidney transplant operation done. More about the story can be found here, at Aftonbladet, or for those of you who read English, here.

The blog post was written by Scott Kelby, a famous Photoshop expert, and the story in short is about a amateur sport photographer who won a contest for a picture of his son playing in a soccer game. The award was to attend, as a photographer, a Florida State University (FSU) game. This was something the, so-called "pro", sports photographers did not like and they posted lots of complains on online forums and even got so far as to get FSU to cancel their invite to the contest winner. The full blog post can be found here.

The article just shows how wonderful human beings can be. To freely offer a kidney to someone you don't know and who isn't a family member is just outstanding. It truly touches my heart that someone can be so kind, and shows that humankind is not totally lost, because lost is what FSU and the sport photographers are! To be so scared about little competion is just ridiculous. If they are afraid of one amateur photographer how in the world can they attend sports game after sports game and stand next to their photographer collegues?! The proper way here would have been to invite him with open arms and the sport photographers to show him their field and what they do for a living. Maybe the cab driver should pay them all a visit and tell them about being nice.  

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