The reluctant mermaid

I bought my bathing suite–or tankini to be more correct–in February and today was the first time I introduced it to water (except when I washed it after I got it of course). I've been thinking about trying to go to a indoor swimming pool center called Mörbybadet for a VERY LONG time but it didn't happen until today. My mom even bought her own bathing suite as we had planned to go together but, yeah, never happened…

The main reason I haven't done it until now is 1) me not feeling well and 2) I've had to get contacts as I obviously can't swim with my glasses and without them, well, I wouldn't get far. It took quite a while to finally get contacts which suited me, and I think I tried 5-6 different types before finding one that my eyes liked. I still don't think I see as well as I do with my glasses but maybe that is just a minor adjustment of getting used to wearing contacts. I'll probably just wear them during my swimming sessions anyway so no big deal. 

But back to Mörbybadet… it's a 2-3 minute subway ride, and a 5 minute walk from the apartment which is nice. I swam a total of 250 meters (~273 yard) which is not a lot but I got so tired in my left knee and I didn't want to overdo it the first time. I even had a short 5 minute break after the first 150 meters because my knee started hurting, but after sitting for a bit I decided to try again, but after the last 100 meters I just had to give up. Next time I'll try to swim at least 100 meters longer. I'm glad that my knee feel just as usual though so today's exercise didn't bother it too much. In fact, I think I feel better after the swim than when I take a longer walk. Which is no surprise as exercising in water is easier on the body.

I wasn't sure how my body and eyes would react to the chlorine because previously it has tended to give me problems, at least to my eyes. I did become a little bit reddish on one of my eyes, the same eye as I wear my contact lens–and for those of you who aren't aware of it, I'm blind on one eye so I don't wear contacts on both eyes–so that might just be an issue with getting used to it. After all, it is a difference to physically put something in your eye. I'm not red anymore and it doesn't itch at all so I think today's exercise was successful.

I will try to swim twice a week to start with and then maybe 3 times a week. I'll see what the physical therapist I'm seeing in two weeks thinks about my idea. I'm sure she'll give me some exercises as well.

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