Occupational theraphy

I went to the hospital today for my first meeting with the occupational therapist. I think the meeting took around 35 minutes, and at the end she said she didn't think we needed to meet again (unless something is changing health wise). First she asked some questions about how I'd been since starting the treatment and then she checked out my finger joints and how much I could bend my fingers. All was good there except for my left index finger not being able to bend as normal–it's always like that during the first half of the day and then it's much better–before doing 4 tests. The first three tests she took time how long time it took me to do the particular tests, for example I had to pick up a paper clip from the table and put on an envelope. The last test was to test the strength of my hands/arms. I had to do it 3 times on each arm, holding and pressing a little "wood piece"–hooked up to a weight measuring machine or whatever it was–for 10 seconds a time. My strength wasn't as good as it should be for someone at my age, but I didn't have any other problems holding/pressing so overall it was pretty good. She gave me some exercises to do once daily in order to strengthen my hands. Now I just need to find one of those small hand exercising balls. She also told me to soak my hands in warm water each morning to see if it would help the pain a little bit. I've just had them under the running faucet for a little bit longer when washing my hands but soaking them for a couple of minutes is probably as much better idea. She told me that paraffin treatment can be helpful for people with much bigger problems so maybe I should start with regular paraffin treatment/manicure just for fun. It's always nice to spoil yourself right! 😉 I've done it once before during a manicure session and it felt so good!!

After the meeting I went to the pharmacy to get the cotton gloves I've kept saying I would try to use during the night, so tonight will be the first time! It will be interesting to see what it will do, and if it will help anything at all. Stay tuned for the results…

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