For days I've been searching the apartment for a white spool of thread. I've just not been able to figure out where I put it, and I've been looking in all, to me, logical places for where it should have been. Imagine my surprise when I was putting clean dishes into one of the kitchen cabinets this morning and right beside the mugs and side plates I found it! I couldn't help myself but I started giggling. Mathias was in the shower at the time so when he came into the kitchen again I told him to look in the cabinet and see if he noticed anything. Right away he saw the spool. The funny thing is that I've been in that cabinet plenty of times during the past days and I just haven't noticed the spool at all! It's quite a weird place to put it in though, and I clearly didn't think logically at the time! At least the mystery is solved now… 😀

Today I went to the occupational therapist for the first time. I won't post more about that here as I now have a specific blog for RA related stuff. You can find the link in my blogroll on the left–of course to be able to see this you need to be on the actual blog and not in a blog reader or a email subscriber–or at 

And, lastly, I just have a question I want to put "out there". What is it with smokers that think they have the right to just leave the cigarette buds everywhere in nature. People are not allowed to litter in any other case so why should they be? This is just not a case for Sweden as I've seen this in the US as well, it's just that it hit me today when I walked out of the subway station and a guy right in front of me threw his cigarette bud on the street and just left it there. It's so disgusting with all the cigarette buds everywhere. Why can't people throw away their stuff instead of litter down everywhere? I guess that is another mystery to be solved, and I'm sure this annoys more people than just me… 

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