A day of firsts

Yesterday we spent most of the day at my parents place. My parents picked us up at home, and Mathias and my dad loaded the trailer with all teared-down wardrobe stuff we temporary had put on the balcony. Now we got space on the balcony again! As soon as we start working on the next big thing or buy new furniture the balcony turns into a huge trash bin!

At my parents we ate lunch and then I (together with my parents) took this year's first (that is, first for me) boat trip. We just took a short trip of around 30 minutes. We went towards Vaxholm but turned around half way or so. At the place where we turned around they had the Swedish championship of canoeing. We looked for a bit before heading back home. 

Mathias didn't join us on the boat excursion because he had his own "first". We had decided to grill ribs so he was in the kitchen preparing everything. He found a American recipe online and we tried both a new rub and BBQ sauce. The ribs was grilled for 4 hours before ready!


My dad and Mathias are the only "real" rib eaters:



The ribs turned out GREAT! It's so exciting when Mathias tries a new recipe because he is such a great cook–maybe it should be grill master in this case? He did an excellent job finding a new recipe and for the first time grill a whole piece of meat for 4 hours. The latter requires some technique in order to be successful. 

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