Week 3 of treatment

Overall this has been a good week. I have not felt sick because of the medications so I'm very happy about that. As mentioned in previous post I'm noticing some more pain in the mornings now than two weeks ago and I'm eager to see if that is due to the cortisone being lower now. This upcoming week I'm down to 1,5 pills which is what I will continue with for some time. (I'm not sure for how long I need to take the cortisone at all).

I've also gotten my appointments scheduled for the physical therapist and the occupational therapist. The latter I'm seeing next week already and the first physical therapy session is in three weeks. I can't wait for the physical therapy session and learning what exercises and such are best for me. In two weeks I'm also seeing the orthopedist. I'll post after each of these appointments. 

I had an interview today and on my way to the meeting I started noticing more and more pain in my knees and legs. I had quite the trouble walking occasionally and the pain disturbed so much I couldn't concentrate and "get in the zone" for the interview. I was so unsure of how everything would go due to the pain issue and I didn't have any pain killers with me as I had changed to a new and nicer looking bag for the occasion. I was very happy to notice that once the interview started I could forget about the pain and just concentrate on what I needed to have done. That is a huge step! Most of the time it's so hard to not concentrate on the pain when it's that bad so being able to ignore it during the interview session (it lasted for just under an hour) felt great, and I know that if I just need to accomplish a goal I can get through it pain or no pain.

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