When I woke up this morning I sensed right away that the weather was cloudy and colder than the previous days because I had more pain. I really hope that will go away the more and longer I take my medication!

I haven't tried sleeping with gloves yet because it hit me that maybe my pain in the mornings are mostly due to me now taking lower doses of cortisone. The first week I took 3 pills each morning but since then the dose has been lowered with 1/2 pill each week so now I'm "just" taking 2 pills each morning. As the long-term medication isn't working fully yet I'm looking forward to seeing how much it will affect the "morning-pain" eventually. Right now the pain usually goes away around or shortly after lunch time so it's not something that bothers me tremendously throughout the day.  

I'm still planning on trying the glove idea to see if that helps for the finger joints more. My mother-in-law told me about cotton gloves at Apoteket (the Swedish pharmacy) so next time I pass one of their stores I will check if I can find them. At first I thought about trying with my normal winter gloves but maybe they are a bit to thick to wear during the night.

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