Pasta salad with curry sauce

I was asked if I wouldn't mind sharing my new pasta salad creation I mentioned last week, so here it is:

For 2 portions
Calories per portion: 531


150 grams pasta
One half (should be around 200 grams) grilled chicken
100 gram cucumber
25 gram red onion
100 gram seedless grapes (cut them in half if they are big)
1 dl light creme fraiche
salt or Herbamare
Black pepper


Boil the pasta according to the directions on the package. Let the pasta cool down.

Dice the chicken, cucumber, red onion, and grapes (depending on the size) and mix in a bowl. Prepare the sauce by mixing creme fraiche and spices. Spice according to your taste, but remember that in order for the sauce to not be too bland have it a little stronger than you like it and it will mix perfectly with the pasta salad.

Right before serving add the cooled down pasta and sauce. 

Some notes:
*Although this recipes measurments are calculated for two portions I've noticed that it will most likely be enough for 3-4 portions, depending on how much you eat. Mathias and I never eat up all of it and most of the time we get at least one lunch box from above recipe.
*The Herbamare seasoning can be found at least at Whole Foods in the US, but also some of the other major grocery chains.
*if you're located in the US you can use sour cream instead of creme fraiche as that is cheaper and tastes just as good.
 *As I'm on a "calorie count diet" I've posted the calories per portion, and will most likely continue to do so with any upcoming recipes. Maybe I've started a new occuring theme for my blog… we'll see.

Let me know if you got any questions or even suggestions for improvements! I like trying out new things and add and remove ingredients and even this recipe can be changed a lot. It's just the imagination that sets the limits!


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