We went to my parents today so we could eat the first potatoes from the potato land. We bought some pickled herring too and we ate it for appetizer. It was very yummy to eat freshly picked potato. I also fell in love with one of the herring cans we got, called Midsommarsill (Midsummer herring) from Abba with tastes of chives, onion and dill. By far the best pickled herring I've tasted so far. It's just the past 2-3 years I've enjoyed eating pickled herring and I've never taken more than one-two pieces, but today I ate 4 just of the Midsommarsill, and I could have eaten much more if it had been the main course for dinner. I got to stock up on that one so I can eat during the winter season. My second favorite pickled herring is Fransk löksill (French onion), which is the other type of herring on the plate below. The midsummer version is on the left (with the white sauce), and french onion on the right.


Before we went home Mathias picked some potatoes to take home with us. Can't wait to eat them over the coming days. I'm anticipating another dinner with the Midsommarsill is in the near future.



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