Week 2 of treatment

My second week of treatment have been much better than the first. I haven't been as nauseous as during my first week. I felt a little bad after my "Thursday medication", and it stuck with me throughout half of Friday–as I'm writing this at the end of week 2 this means that it was Thursday/Friday a week ago I'm talking about here–but after that I felt fine. I did have some setbacks with pain but that have been weather related I think. I've also noticed some pain in my hands when I wake up in the morning. I'm considering trying to sleep with gloves to see if that makes a difference. I'm thinking that maybe it's a bit cold during the night so I get the pain and stiffness due to that. I'll come back to this after I've tried it. 

I'm trying to walk more and more each day now in order to get my energy back. I'll try to get into some regular exercise system but I haven't figured out exactly what to do yet. A morning walk, swimming and an exercise game to Nintendo Wii are some ideas. The first two are probably easiest as I don't have a Wii!

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