Shopping and crawfish

We went to my new favorite clothing store, Rabalder, today because I got a email this morning where they announced there final summer sale. Obviously I had to go there to check it out. I came home with a tunic I got 70% off and a white camisole for 50% off. They just had the camisole in white and black in the store so back home I went online and bought three more camisoles.

It's especially nice to go shopping for clothing and notice one size smaller fits perfectly. I'm sure this won't be the last time I can have a smaller size as I'm still not close to having lost all the weight I want. Now when I'm almost back to my normal self again I'm starting up the dieting project for the third time–moving and health issues are not a good thing when working on loosing weight! I'm hoping I won't get more setbacks which put everything on hold again. At least I haven't gained any weight during my off-periods.

Yesterday when we were in town we bought crawfish at Hötorgshallen. As Thursday is my "heavy medication day", I didn't want to have it for dinner yesterday so we bought them for today. Here are some pictures from the evening:





Mathias introduced me to eating crawfish on toasted white bread with butter and "hovmästarsås" (I have no idea what that can be called in English!). Very yummy! I wish we had bought more crawfish so I could have had more toasts!

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