So rude!!

I'm sorry to say it but sometimes Swedes just annoys me! And now it has happened so many times that I got to write about it. I think the tip of the ice berg was today (and the first time I noticed this particular thing was when I came back to Sweden after my first 9 months in the US)

Mathias and I was standing trying to decided what ice cream to order in a café. It's one of this places which has the little ice cream stand by a corner and it's not particularly big so it was just barely enough for two people looking at the different choices in order to decide what to pick. Then suddenly a family of 4 came up behind us and it didn't matter that two other people were in front of them, they just had to see all the choices and basically tried to cut in front of us. Obviously they didn't succeed! They couldn't manage to move to the side when we had gotten our ice cream either because they just tried to get up front. Show some respect for your fellow human beings please!!! The world does not revolve around you… 

Above just don't happen in other places. Granted I've not been to every culture in the world, and true for the past 10 years I've spent most of the time in the US culture, but I've never come across anything like that happening there. Why can't people just take the time and let other people make their choices. It's so rude I can't get over it…

Now to something "happier"… Mathias prepared blueberry pancakes today. Normally I just eat blueberries as topping to the already made pancakes but Mathias tried to put in some blueberries when he made them in the pan. OMG! It was SO YUMMY! I'm in heaven right now! 😀


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