Ulriksdal and other things

We decided to step out of the apartment this afternoon after spending all morning with Mathias assembling our new dresser and me taking a programming test as required by the job I'm interviewing for. We took a 5-minute bus ride to Ulriksdals slott/castle where we walked for a bit and took a little ice cream break. It's quite fabulous to have the castle grounds so close to where we live and under normal circumstances I would have walked there but we thought it would be enough with walking around the castle.

At the entrance, and where the Ulriksdals Värdshus/Inn is located, I noticed one of the famous SWEA horses which was painted during the organizations 25th anniversary a couple of years ago. This particular horse is donated from the chapters in Arizona, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and Vancouver. I had no idea one of the horses was standing here!



After our little excursion we went back home and spent some more time fixing in the apartment and playing with the computers. Around dinner-time we decided to go to the pizza place because I felt like trying burger for dinner today, but we had to turn around inside the door because I couldn't stand the smell. I don't think I'm up for burgers or pizza just yet! 🙂 So we went to the grocery store to buy grilled chicken instead. We "enjoyed" a longer than anticipated shopping experience because the grilled chicken wasn't ready for another 20 minutes. Waiting that "long" in a grocery store that small was no fun at all… but finally we were back home and had our dinner.

Mathias then spent the evening with trying to figure out our bathroom light. It was something wrong (one of the lights did not work at all and the other didn't shine as bright as it should) with it when we bought it in January but they (my dad and Mathias) managed to get it to work (don't ask me what they did). However, earlier today suddenly that little issue started to appear again and over the day the light that was kinda working got darker and darker. Luckily we bought a new bathroom light two weeks ago so this evening Mathias put it up. Now with the other two smaller light fixtures not working it's still not as bright as we want in the bathroom so "we" need to figure out how to fix these lights too, but that will have to wait until at least tomorrow…

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