Crappy day

Yesterday was a crappy day in regards to me waking up with pain in several parts of my body. The pain kept with me so I took pain killers in order to get through my husband's birthday luncheon. I just knew when I woke up with all that pain that the weather was bad outside. I guess I should be happy though that I "just" had pain and no nausea because that would have been even crappier! Got to see something positive in all this… 

The pain got better over the day as the weather started to get better but I still had pain (even this morning). Obviously it won't go away fast just because the weather gets better but a little part of me wish it would. 🙂

I bought a real useful little thingy for all of my medications. It's a "carrying case", "medication organizer" or whatever it would be called in English where I keep all my medications I will take over a weeks time. It's very handy as I don't need to care about all of the medication bottles but can keep everything in the same place and I see what medications I need to take that day. Another handy thing with this particular organizer is that it has the individual days in separate containers so if I just go away for a day or two I don't need the whole organizer with me but can take the containers for the days I need. I found this one at Apoteket (the Swedish pharmacy) and it's called MediDos Classic. 


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