My birthday boy!

Today it was time to celebrate my dear husband on his 41st birthday. We had the celebration at my parents place, and Mathias' mom, dad, sister and spouse, and my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin where there too–as well as my parents and brother of course!

We prepared one of my favorite pasta salads–it's a recipe I found online and which I've changed until my own liking so it's nothing like the original at this point–and had grilled chicken and tomatoes. We also had some yummy cheeses and baugette. For dessert my mother made her famous midsummer cake, however, instead of strawberries we used wild strawberries.

Here are some pictures from the day… (as always I didn't take as many as originally planned)




This year was actually the first time we've ever celebrated one of our birthday on the exact day with all of our family. That's one of the nice things with being back home! :) 

I'm extremely thankful I did not have the bad nausea I had all day yesterday! Today instead I woke up with some pain in my joints which I blame on the bad weather. It stuck around so I took 2 pain killers before lunch time and was able to enjoy the rest of the day with our family.

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