Week 1 of treatment

Last week when I learned my diagnosis I felt happy because I knew I would start a treatment and not just continue on going to doctors in order to find out what was wrong.

Being told all the medications I had to take felt a little overwhelming but at the same time I couldn't wait to see how they would help me. I was told that the cortisone could help within a day or two but also take a week or so. Obviously I was hoping for the first option, and I'm happy to say that was the correct answer for me. Within 24 hours I was able to bend my knees more than I had been able to do for 5 weeks. That felt so good! 🙂

Every day since then I have felt better and better. After 3+ months with waking up with shoulder pain I now wake up and barely notice it. I still sometimes experience pain, lately mostly in my fingers and feet, but compared to a week ago I feel much better. The pain seems to be related to what kind of weather it is as well as how much I've walked that day. As I try to walk more and more every day so I get back into a normal life I use my knees more than I've had for weeks so obviously I will feel something from walking.

I was a little worried when I started my medications that I would get side effects from it because I tend to do get that sometimes. I've had a terrible nausea after each meal for the first 4 days, but I'm not 100% sure that is really related to just the medication. I also think I took the medication a little wrong in the beginning. I was supposed to take cortisone and calcium at breakfast time but I've noticed that if I take cortisone right after breakfast and then wait a 20 to 30 minute until I take the calcium it works much better. I still have some issues with not liking all the tastes of food, which is also why I think the issue isn't merely related to the medicine but maybe a minor stomach bug too.

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