Gamla Uppsala

Monday evening we went with my parents and brother to IKEA at Barkaby in order to buy wardrobes. Unfortunately they didn't have everything we wanted in stock so yesterday we had my dads car and took a trip to Uppsala and IKEA there. They have a huge newly built IKEA and I have to say it's the best IKEA store I've been to in the world. I'm considering moving to Uppsala just to be closer to it! 😛

After our IKEA store "adventure" we went to Gamla (old town) Uppsala to get lunch and walk a little bit in the surroundings. We didn't walk as much as I'd wanted though because I didn't want to strain my knees too much so we have to go back some other time so we can walk around the royal burial mounds. Here are some pictures from the day:





Under the red carpet is the Celsius family burial, and Anders Celsius is also buried here:


I lighted two candles in memorium of loved ones (family and friends).


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