We went in to downtown today–which is the first time I've been there in 6 weeks–because I had scheduled a brow appointment. After the appointment we went to café for lunch and then to one of my favorite places in Stockholm, Hötorgshallen (an indoor market) where we bought newly baked bread and cheeses. After that we went to Hötorget outdoormarket (right outside the indoor market) because we noticed they had LOTS of chanterelles. We bought a kilo of chanterelles for 80 SEK ($10.80). Actually, we hadn't planned to buy that much but they claimed there where half off, and when they put a bunch in there and we asked about the price they said 100 SEK, at which time I said I just got 80 in cash, and he told me we could have it anyway. 🙂 They tend to be nice like that there…

I had ordered pancakes and blueberries for dinner from my personal chef, a.k.a my hubby, but as we got the chanterelles I decided that an omelette with mushrooms would be just as fine. This is how nice our "picked" chanterelles looked:


The omelette turned out a little bland on the plate, I really wanted to have some color on there for presentation, but I couldn't find anything in the refrigerator so I took some moss I found among the chanterelles and put there (can barely see it though!):


It was great to get in to town again and look around a bit even if it was just for 2 hours. It's nice to be out-and-about without needing a car and wheel chair. I can't walk for an extended period of time before getting tired and having knees that hurt a bit, but after being stationary for weeks even the smallest excursion makes me exceptionally happy!

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