During the last week we've slept at my parents place 4 nights in total. Monday my dad and Mathias started painting our bedroom ceiling so we slept there one night. On Thursday we went out to them again for the day but I got so sick in the evening (probably side effects from the medication) that it was impossible for me to go back home, so my dad and Mathias just went to our apartment to pick up some necessities. Friday they painted the walls in the bedroom so that night we couldn't sleep in the apartment for that reason. Saturday night we had planned to stay in the apartment but when we got here it still smelled a little bit too much of paint so we went back to my parents and stayed there one more night. Yesterday when we got back home it was much better, but it still smelled a little bit so we had to have the window open all night. I'm very satisfied with the new color and I'll post pictures hopefully later in the week. Now all we need are new wardrobes and curtains and some pictures (or something) on the walls and we have the bedroom checked off from our "to do list".

During the day yesterday Mathias spent picking blueberries and raspberries in my parents yard. There are A LOT of blueberries (not just in my parents yard but everywhere) so we can get lots of blueberries this year and enjoy blueberry pie all winter long! Yummy! 😀

Hubby in hiding:




A half days work:


Btw, cortisone is a magic potion! 24hr after I started the medication my swollen knees was much better and I was able to walk kind of normally again. I still get tired easily and sometimes get a terrible nausea after eating food, but other than that I feel GREAT! :) 

Something not so great is that we didn't go to Karlstad. I'm sad to not see our friends but that trip was a little bit to long for me as I'm having trouble sitting in a car for an extended period of time.

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