I've not posted for a while because I haven't been feeling very well. I've posted about my knee (and other joints) problems earlier so no need to write about all that again. All I can say is that since I last posted I got worse, and 1,5 week ago I had to start using a wheel chair in order to get outside the apartment. It all started with my right knee getting swollen again and then a week after that my left knee too. No fun at all… 

One thing which was "fun" though is that when I felt the worse I got a call from the rheumatism department at the hospital about an appointment. Turned out that someone else had cancelled their appointment so they had an opening for me. I was very happy about that! So last week we went to the hospital and spent the whole morning there. I was examined, and they took blood work and did x-rays of my hands and feets. Today I went back again in order to get my diagnosis, and it turns out I got rheumatoid arthritis and I'm starting my treatment tomorrow. The treatment consists of quite a lot of medications, some just to control the disease and others to control possible side effects of the medication. One of the medications is long-term and another, cortisone, is more temporary before the other medicine is "working". I also got a new cortisone shot in my right knee. I hope this shot works better than the one I got a month ago because that one only worked for 5 days but it should work for weeks. I'm hoping I'll feel so well shortly that I can skip the wheel chair altogether.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that I won't feel bad by my new medications because we're planning to go to Karlstad on Sunday (and stay until Tuesday-Wednesday next week) in order to see some friends of ours visiting from Colorado. We haven't seen them since a couple of days before we left Denver so it would be nice to see them again!  

2 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. camilla July 26, 2009 / 06:04

    Hej Cecilia !
    Hoppas det kanns “bra” att antligen ha fatt reda pa VAD det ar som spokar…. hoppas medicinerna kan hjalpa dig att bli av med vark, och att du i framtiden kanske kan ata mindre och mindre ?
    Krya pa dig !
    Camilla Cadwell

  2. Cecilia July 27, 2009 / 10:00

    Hej Camilla!
    Det känns jättebra att äntligen fått reda på vad som händer med kroppen. Till en början äter jag lite olika mediciner men det ska nog bli färre inom en inte alltför lång framtid förmodar jag. De säger att det finns en chans att medicinen drar tillbaka sjukdomen så pass mycket att man inte behöver äta medicin efter ett tag, men sjukdomen är ju fortfarande kronisk och försvinner egentligen inte helt utan den kan blossa upp igen förstås.
    Kul att se att någon annan än “bara” familjen läser min blogg! 🙂

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