Happy 4th of July

Yesterday we celebrated 4th of July with an "American BBQ" at my parents place (had to be there as we don't have a grill!). We ate Mathias yummy burgers with all the necessary toppings:


and for dessert a yummy cake–called Blue dream and containing blueberries, whipped cream, vanilla cream and marzipan):

Today we watched the Wimbledon final between Federer and Roddick. I feel a bit bad for Roddick for losing the match the way he did because he played so good but Federer is just simply outstanding! Despite the fact that he did not play his best throughout the match he raised his game whenever he needed too. Federer's 15th grand slam victory and now he's historic! 

A huge thumbs down for TV4 though for not showing the price ceremony! Simply annoying! When Federer gets his 15th grand slam victory you just can't cut to the normal programming no matter if the match was longer than expected and they wanted to get back to their normal programming. Don't they realize this was a historic price ceremony! Badly done!!!!!!

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