Hot, hot, hot

I just have to say it, but I desperately miss the dry Colorado heat (and having an A/C in the house so I can sleep more comfortably). I'm not used to being in a humid summer climate. Although, compared to the times when I've been in Texas this is nothing so it could be worse! 🙂 I love that it's warm though and not raining so I shouldn't complain to much I guess as the weather god(s) might turn against me. So, sssshhhh, I never said anything! 😉

On a happier note my interview yesterday went fine, and I'm having a second interview in the beginning of August. I guess that's the downside of looking for job in the middle of the summer. I was very happy that someone called me though because I thought it would be very slow right now

On a even happier note, tonight I'm going on a cruise with my mom to Åland! I'm all packed and ready to go! Just two more hours until I meet my mom in the subway. It will be so nice cruising along Stockholm archipelago in the summer. Last time, in February when Mathias and I went on the same cruise, it was dark all the time, but this time around I will be able to see all the island and the wonderful blue water. Can't wait!

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