Saturday fun


We went to my parents today because Mathias had promised to help out with painting. I, however, spent most of the time resting my leg while at the same time catching up on some Perl programming. I got an interview on Monday afternoon and as I haven't programmed at all since I left my old job in April I thought it could be good to practice a bit. I'm very excited about the interview and please keep your fingers crossed for me! :) 

I'm feeling so much better in my knee now and today I've been able to walk easier and even bend it more than I've been able to do during the past 2 weeks. It still bothers me when I walk in stairs, uphill or downhill as well as when I sit in the car but otherwise I feel quite mobile again which is nice. 

There are some gorgeous looking bushes in my parents yard so I took a picture. It's so beautiful with all colorful bushes/flowers everywhere–not just in their yard–now I just can't get over it.


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