Tuesday we celebrated our 8th anniversary. Mathias bought gorgeous flowers for me and he also prepared a lamb dish. Originally we had considered going out for dinner but as I haven't felt 100% lately with my knee we decided to stay at home.


Wednesday morning I went to the doctor and got a cortisone shot. My knee is starting to feel better now, and I can walk a little more but I'm still a bit stiff in the knee. I'm sure it will be even easier for me to walk over the next days. I'm looking forward to it! After I went to the doctor and she put me on a 24hr "don't walk too much but rest alot period" I called my mother to see what plans they had for the day. (My dad and brother is on vacation this week and was going to work around the house). It was decided that they would come an pick me up and I would spend the rest of the day with them. Mathias thought it would be a good idea for me to sleep over there as I would have more company that way, so I didn't come back home until last night. I spent 2 nice days there sitting on the deck looking out over (and listening to) the water. This is how nice the view was on Wednesday evening:


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