Plan goes down the drain

I was supposed to be so good during this 6-week walk challenge and really keep up with the goal of the day which was 8000 something steps per day. (Together with parts of our family we're using "America on the move" website in order to start walking more. Mathias and I have been using the site a lot periodically over the past 2 years. You pick a "trail map" with a daily step count you think will be a little bit above what you might handle and then you get to work). 

That plan has just completely vanished… it wasn't long into the challenge (we're at week 4 now) when I started feeling my knees worse then before and I couldn't keep up with it (I was also sick for 4 days not walking). Last week I called the doctor's office and wanted a time so they could start checking it out, and the nurse didn't want to give me a "akuttid" (a 10-minute "emergency appointment" which you get by calling early in the morning and say you just have to see someone) because she felt I wouldn't get examined enough so she put me down for a regular appointment on June 24 and suggested and take pain killers in order to not feel the worst of the pain. For the first 3 days the pain killers worked just fine but after that they didn't help me whatsoever, and Monday afternoon I noticed my right knee starting to feel "funny" and yesterday morning I basically couldn't move when I woke up because I was so stiff in my legs. We decided I would call the doctor's office and try to get a emergency appointment that day so they at least could help my knees and then handle the rest of the body–yeah I got aches in my shoulder, my feet, and some of my fingers–next week. When the nurse heard my right knee was a little swollen I got a time right away. So, at the doctors office and after a little look at my bad body parts–sounds like I'm a car :)–she told me to keep up with the pain killers, get a cream for my knee and use daily and if that didn't work I would get cortisone during my next appointment. She also took some blood work, and, oh yeah I'm supposed to take it easy and don't use my leg too much! Kinda hard when I got things to take care off, and of course the sun is back now and I just want to be outside walking in the fabulous weather. I just want next week to be here so we can figure out the next step…

So, in order to reach the goal for the challenge I now–more days with basically no walking and the number will be higher obviously–need to walk over 12000 steps a day! That is so just not going to happen! Right now my main goal is to have the doctor figuring out all this aches so I can start live my life normal again…

OK, enough with the complaining… Midsummer week is here! 🙂

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